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Floreana Island Tour Description

  • Duration: 8 hours aprox

  • Departure: 7h30am

  • Navigation time: 2 hours

  • Hike to Peace Asylum

  • Snorkel at La Lobería

  • Includes lunch, snacks and soft drinks

  • Return to Puerto Ayora

Floreana Tour Itinerary

The tour visits Floreana Island, the one with the least population in Galapagos. The island emerges from a volcanic formation like other islands from Galapagos, however, Floreana has the peculiarity of being born after an eruption from a volcano submerged under the sea. Because of this phenomenon there’s plenty of vegetation and animals like birds and iguanas have evolved in a way different than the other islands.

The Floreana Island tour starts very early in the morning, to make the most out of the day. We depart from Puerto Ayora headed towards Puerto Velasco, where a small population lives. The navigation will take us around 2 hours where we should be able to see different birds and marine species. Upon arrival we will disembark on Velasco Ibarra port, where around 150 people live.

Peace Asylum

From Velasco Ibarra port, we will drive to the center of the island. Along the road, we will be climbing a bit up and feeling the change of weather, vegetation and terrain.

We will visit a cave located on the Peace Asylum. Rumor has it that this cave is where the pirates used to stop to take some rest before continuing their adventures.

Pirate’s cave

The pirate’s cave is the place where the first residents settled down. This place was not chosen by accident, in fact, it was a very smart decision since is the location with the closest access to drinkable water. Near the cave, there is a totem representing the grave of a famous pirate.

Our certified guide will tell you all about this island and the reason why all the turtles there got extinct. After this story, the next place to visit will be the Galapaguera.

bahia rosa blanca, tour 360 galapagos
bahia rosa blanca, tour 360 galapagos


Next stop is the Galapaguera. The Galapagos National Park has done a great job returning endemic turtles to its island of origin. After raising several turtle species from Florena in the Santa Cruz Island breeding center, they returned them to start populating again the Floreana Island highlands.

The turtles introduction was a complete success and now they continue reproducing freely on the highlands of the Island, increasing every year the amount of turtles in that zone. You can read more about Galapagos turtles here, on a post we wrote specifically on this topic.

When the highlands visit is done, we will head back to Puerto Velasco Ibarra to have lunch and get some rest before visiting the last spot, the Loberia beach.This is a great place to swim of do some snorkel and if you are lucky enough, to see the unique Floreana Island Iguana

Snorkel La Lobería

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Isla Floreana es un excelente lugar para la práctica de snorkel. Sus aguas apenas transitadas por embarcaciones, permiten a las especies marinas encontrar un excelente refugio en esta zona. Podrás ver numerosas iguanas marinas, tortugas marinas, pulpos, peces, así como una vegetación muy característica de la isla., así como numerosos lobos marinos.

bahia rosa blanca, tour 360 galapagos
bahia rosa blanca, tour 360 galapagos
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Floreana Island Tour

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Aditional Information and Tips

  • Bring sport shoes, sun protection like sunscreen or a hat and a water bottle.
  • Tour availability: all year, but make sure to book in advance, this tour gets sold out very quick. Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


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