Bartolome Island Tour Description

  • Duration: 12 hours aprox

  • Departure time: 6am

  • Hotel Pick Up

  • Bartolome Snorkeling: fishes, rays, marine tortoises, hammer sharks.

  • Sullivan Bay

  • 2 hours boat navigation

  • Trekking to the sighseen.

Itabaca Channel – Road to Bartolome Island

The tour begins with a 45-minute car ride from Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Canal north of Santa Cruz Island. There, in the port, we will take a boat where we will begin our navigation towards Bartolome Island, one of the youngest in the Galapagos archipelago.

Mirador Isla Bartolomé

Once we have reached Bartolomé, we will disembark and begin a tour of a path that will take us to the best view of all the Galapagos Islands. We will climb 115 meters above sea level, around 400 steps but the reward at the top will make it totally worth it. As a reward you can get a fantastic photo between the amazing vegetation  and a unique beach behing you.

From the top, we can observe the famous Galapagos pinnacle, the entire Bartolome Island and part of the Santiago Island. An unparalleled panoramic view.

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Next Stop – Playa Sur y Norte

After the walk to the top of the viewpoint, and after saving in memory (and the camera) that wonderful image, we will begin to descend to enjoy lunch and then relax on the north and south beach, where the pinnacle is located We could observe from the viewpoint. In South Beach we can not swim because it is a protected area as it is a place where turtles nest, however, we will see it and then we will go to North Beach where if it is allowed to bathe and if we are lucky, we can share the bathroom with Galapagos penguins that They will circulate around.

In North Beach we will do some snorkeling to see different species such as dry cleaners, sea lions, fish, rays and turtles.

Here our tour will end and after enjoying a refreshing swim, we will return again to Puerto Ayora.

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Payment Methods

  • Credit Card (7% extra charge)

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash in our offices

  • Azimo  (free of charges. EU countries)

  • Paypal (10% extra charge)

  • TransferWise  ($15 charge)


Bartolome Island Tour Track

Do you have any question?

Write an email to galapagoslowcost@gmail.com

More details and tips

  • The navigation can be a little moved so if you are one of the people who usually get dizzy, we recommend you to take a dizziness pill before boarding.
  • Wear sports shoes, you will need them for the walk.
  • This tour is not recommended for children under 2 years, as it requires physical effort
  • Lunch is held inside the yacht after the snorkeling session
  • Tour availability: all year round, however it is a much requested tour, so we recommend booking in advance to ensure space.


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