About us

Galapagos Low Cost is an online project of the travel agency Planeta Tour Ecuador (Company ID: 1705305207001). Galapagos Low Cost was born with the objetive to keep Galapagos in the top of mind of the low cost travelers. Our goal is to promote this destination letting travelers know that Galapagos isn’t only a luxury travel destination. How do we do that? We create a personalized low cost itinerary that meets with our customers budget and needs.  That way you can make the most of your travel to the Galapagos Islands on a budget.

We at Planeta Tour have more than 10 years of experience activating tourism among Ecuador and specially in the Galapagos Islands,  and ee would love to use that experience in order to help you live an unforgettable experience in Galapagos. Our offices are located in the Guayaquil City centre and in Quito.

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Meet the team

Fabiola Trujillo
Fabiola Trujillo
An organization freak. She’ll create a schedule in fillilng it with great activities order to take full advantage of your time in the Galapagos Islands.
Pablo Brborich
Pablo Brborich
His whole life is dedicated to tourism. Pablo’s job is to keep travelers happy and to make them enjoy the trip of their lifetime.

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