Baltra Island – The Galápagos Island entrance door

Baltra Island is probably one of the most visited in Galapagos and not just because of its tourist attraction.

The reason why thousands of tourists visit it every year is because it is one of the main airports of Galapagos.

Baltra is 150 meters from the northern part of Santa Cruz Island.

Seymour Airport is located on this small island and receives commercial flights from the continent daily. It has also been recognized worldwide for its design and sustainable operation that favors the environment.

Unfortunately Baltra Island, being so small, does not have a hotel infrastructure or places to visit, it only has the airport where the guides and agencies receive tourists.


Baltra airport airlines

The main commercial airlines that travel to the San Cristobal Island Airport and to Baltra are the following:

  • Airline Tame: The local airline.
  • Aerogal (Avianca)

These three airlines make daily flights to the Islands from mainland Ecuador, departing from the two main cities of Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil.

The price of flights between Quito / Guayaquil and the Galapagos Islands (be it Baltra or San Cristobal) is around $ 200.

If you are thinking about traveling to Galapagos remember to check the entry requirements according to your country of origin as well as the procedures and rules that you must follow when visiting the Islands.

How to get from Baltra Airport to Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz

If you land in Baltra, you must take a bus or taxi to take you from the airport to the coast of the island.

There, you must take a ferry that will help you cross the Itabaca channel to Santa Cruz. The price of this ferry is around $ 0.60. The tour does not end there, once you have crossed the Itabaca channel and reached Santa Cruz Island, you must take a taxi or bus to Puerto Ayora, the part where the population of the island is concentrated. We explain more about this journey in our post about Santa Cruz Island, what to see, where to get there, low cost activities, etc.

Canal de Itabaca

Although Baltra Island by itself is not a tourist place and is not considered part of the Galapagos National Park, this short Ferry ride is very pictorial and is a small open mouth of all the wonderful things you can see in the Galapagos Islands.

During the ferry ride from the Itabaca channel to Santa Cruz you can see swimming in the turquoise water and crystal clear sea lions, rays, tortoises and other endemic species of Galápagos. It is also a good time for bird watching.

Baltra Island Need to Know

  • If you land on it, you will have to cross by ferry ($ 0.60) to Santa Cruz and from there take a bus or taxi to the center of the city.
  • It is not possible to stay or tour the Island.
  • Its only infrastructure is the Seymour Airport.
  • When crossing the Itabaca channel between Baltra and Santa Cruz you will see many animals and endemic species of Galápagos Although it is not a tourist spot, many consider it a good spot to surf in Galapagos
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Santa Cruz Weather

Check the weather forecast for Santa Cruz Island

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