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North Seymour Daytrip Galapagos

  • Duration: 8 hours

  • Departure time: 8am

  • Departure point: Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island)

  • Snorkeling at North Seymour: fishes, rays, sea turtles, sharks

  • Rest and relax at Las Bachas beach

  • Trekking around North Seymour Island

  • Birdwatching and wildlife sightseeing

North Seymour Tour Description

In Galapagos you get the chance to visit inhabited islands and enjoy a unique experience where you can really relax and disconnect. North Seymour is one of the most visited inhabited islands and a great chance to live the full Galapagos Experience.

The tour departs from Santa Cruz Island and it begins at Puerto Ayora, where we’ll take a car and drive towards the Itabaca Channel. From this point at the north of Santa Cruz island we will navigate for about 45 minutes to North Seymour. An authorized bilingual guide will be with you the whole time and tell you all about the Galapagos Islands and some fun and interesting facts. The guide will also tell you about the unique animal species you can find in the Galapagos and how they adapted and survived.

On our way to North Seymour, we’ll make a quick stop in a great spot in the middle of the ocean where marine life is stunning. We will hop off the boat and do some snorkeling to take a good look of this marine place.

Trekking at North Seymour Island

When we finilly arrive to the coast of North Seymour you’ll be amazed with its paradisiac beaches. However, this is not the only wonder of this Island. In this day trip we’ll also do a walk for an hour and a half through the interior of the island to discover its unique vegetattion and the reason why North Seymour its the favorite island of all the birds in Galapagos.

North Seymour Island was born as a result of many volcanic eruptions. This is why you’ll need comfortable sport shoes because of its irregular thick soil. You can save your flip flops for later. This exotic soil is the reason why marine iguanas and many birds like this island, because not all the species can survive this soil so they can bassically own the whole island withouth any predators disturbing them.

The animals in Galapagos aren’t afraid of human beings. If you are a bird lover you should definetly do North Seymour Daytrip. This Island is the best place in Galapagos to do some birdwatching and enjoy a very close sighf of blue footed bobies and frigates.

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Rest and relax at Las Bachas Beach

After the walk around North Seymour, we’ll take the boat again and navigate towards Las Bachas Beach where you’ll enjoy a well deserved rest in a unique beach all for you. Its thin sand an clear waters mark a perfect ending to this tour that you’ll never forget.

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Payment Method

  • Bank Transfer

  • Credit Card (7% extra charge)

  • Cash in our offices


North Seymour Daytrip Route

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Aditional information and recommendations

galapagos health insurance
  • Navigation may be a little shaky, so if you tend to get sick on boats we recommend to take a pill for seasickness before the tour.
  • The boat is for a maximum of 16 people
  • The tour includes lunch. We usually serve it at the boat after the snorkeling session.
  • This tour is available all year, everyday. However this is a high demandaded tour so we recommend to book in advance, therefore you may not be lucky enough to book it.
  • Bring sportive comfortable shoes.
  • This is not a tour for kids under 2 years.


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