Description Española Island Tour

  • Duration: 8 hours aprox

  • Departure Time: 7am

  • Meeting Point: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal)

  • 2h Treking in Española Island

  • Bird watching: the Galapagos Albatros is the most famous endemic specie on the island, but you will also find Blue Footed Boobies, hawks, finches among other bird species.

  • Gardner Rock Snorkel: sea lions are the main attraction of this snorkeling area

  • Bahía Gardner beach before returning, we will rest on this paradisiacal beach of the Española Island.

Navigation to Española Island

In Española Island you have the possibility of knowing an uninhabited island where birds dominate the territory.

The tour begins in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where we will do a 2-hour navigation that will take you to this wonderful island located south of San Cristóbal. In fact, Isla Española is the southernmost island of the archipelago. The guide who will accompany you throughout the tour and will tell you all the peculiarities of this place, as well as everything you want to know about the animals and vegetation of the island and its history. They can tell you more about the endemic species you will see in this tour, such as theEspañola Island Iguanas, the Galapagos Albatros, or the Blue Footed Boobies.

Española Island Treking

Punta  Suárez

Upon arrival at Española Island we will disembark at Punta Suárez. On the Española island, the volcanic sediments that formed the island have given rise to winding terrain. Wear comfortable shoes with a thick sole to make the journey comfortable, and reserve flip-flops for the beach. Its abrupt surface is the reason why iguanas and birds inhabit the island, since it has prevented other species that may pose a threat from visiting it.

In Punta Suárez we will see two seesights. On the one hand, a beautiful square of fine sand and crystal clear waters; on the other hand, the rocky terrain is inhabited by an important colony of iguanas endemic to the Island.

After appreciating this beautiful landscape that Punta Suárez gives us, we will make a 2-hour walk, where we will visit the island’s cliffs, and then enter the island to the places that the guides know and where the Albatross colonies of Galapagos usually settle. For bird lovers, the Isla Española Tour is essential during your vacations in the Galapagos Islands.

Española island is the best place to see the Galapagos Albatros, an endemic species of the islands and the great attraction of this tour. You can also spot other birds such as the Nazca Booby, Blue Footed Boobies and Finches. During the entire tour you will see a large number of specimens, and in the case of the Blue Footed Boobies, you will be able to enjoy them very closely, since they are birds that do not have any shame in front of the human being.

During our walking along the coast, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the geysers that form when the waves enter at high speed within the rocks.

A show that will catch your attention.

Snorkeling Gardner Rock

After the walk around the Española island, we will return to the boat. It will take approximately half an hour, to arrive at the Gardner rock. Among its winding rocks is a place where a colony of sea lions usually choose in their search for food. Here we will snorkelwith them, and we will enjoy its games and the underwater vegetation of this area.

 Gardner Bay Beach

We will finish Española Island Tour in Gardner Bay, where we will enjoy a well-deserved rest. This beach is undoubtedly an ideal place for it. Its fine sand and crystal clear waters will put a perfect end to this tour, which you will surely find hard to forget. It is considered one of the top beaches in the Galapagos Islands.

An ideal place to finish the tour.

playa las bachas galapagos

Payment Method

  • Paypal (10% extra charge)

  • Bank Transfer

  • Azimo  (free of charges. EU countries)

  • TransferWise  ($15 charge)

  • Credit Card (7% extra charge)

  • Cash in our offices


Española Island route

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Additional information and tips

  • Navigation can be a bit rough so if you are one of the people who gets dizzy, we recommend taking a sickness pill before boarding.
  • Wear sports shoes, you will need them for the walk.
  • This tour is not recommended for children under 2 years old, as it requires physical effort.
  • The boat has a capacity of up to 16 people with whom you will share this experience.
  • Lunch is done inside the yacht after the snorkeling session.
  • Tour availability: all year round, however it is a highly requested tour so we recommend booking in advance to ensure your space.


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