San Cristobal Island Top Beaches

Undoubtedly one of the great attractions of San Cristobal Island are its paradisiacal beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. The water in San Cristobal beaches does not contain only sediments, which gives it a perfect transparency for water activities. If you are preparing the suitcase, prepare your snorkel mask for your cat’s feet, because on these beaches you can swim very close to the beach with numerous aquatic species. Do not forget your camera, because enjoying lying on the beach surrounded by sea lions gives rise to numerous scenes of which you will like to take home a souvenir.

If you are a lover of water sports here you will also find the best beaches to enjoy any of its varieties: surfing, kite surfing for the more daring, paddleboarding and kayaking for beginners.

Find out the best beaches in San Cristobal Island

If you stay in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, you will be located in a perfect place to choose which beach to go to, depending on the direction in which the wind blows. These are the recommendations that we make from Galapagos Low Cost. Check the weather you are going to do, and enjoy our wonderful beaches!

La Lobería & Tongo Reef – surfer beloved beach

On days when the sea is calm, it is a wonderful beach to spend the day on the beach and have a first contact with the world of surfing. The beach is one of the most beautiful in San Cristobal, and surely the sea lions that rest there make you smile throughout the day.

Playa de La Lobería- San Cristobal

Playa Mann

La playa se encuentra a 10 minutos andando del Puerto y puede visitarse sin estar acompañado de un guía naturista. Es un lugar ideal para pasar el día rodeados de lobos marinos, que acuden en gran número a descansar a esta playa. Tiene duchas gratis, y una pequeña cabaña abierta donde podrás hacer un picnic a la sombra.

Playa Mann- San Cristobal

Playa Ochoa

In Playa Ochoa, access is limited to only 160 meters of the beach. The entire surrounding area is restricted, so you can only get there by boat. Many of the tours that visit León Dormido or Isla Lobos make a stop in this wonderful beach while treturning to Puerto Baquerizo.

The trip by boat lasts 30 minutes from Baquerizo Moreno. There is a considerable colony of Galapagos sea lions, and hermit crabs. Near the beach there is a pond that is constantly visited by migratory and coastal birds. It is one of the places where you can see the endemic nightingale of San Cristóbal.

Playa Ochoa - San Cristobal

Playa Cerro Brujo

The beach of Cerro Brujo is located next to a volcanic cone formed as a result of the eruptions of the already dormant volcanoes of the island.

The beach of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, is at the foot of the hill. It is a magnificent place to rest after visiting the Kicker Rock, since the only way to access this beach is by boat. On the beach we can enjoy an unbeatable view fo Kicker Rock, surrounded by sealions.

Playa cerro brujo san cristobal islas galapagos

Playa cerro brujo - San Cristobal

Punta de Oliviana

It is located north of the island, just next to Punta Pitt. In Punta Pitt you will find an enormous variety of birds, living with the iguanas that inhabit this part of the island. In addition, you can enjoy a very special and colorful vegetation, completely different from the rest of the island.

Once the tour is finished, Punta Oliviana beach is an ideal place to rest and recover your strength before returning to Puerto Baquerizo.

To access the northern zone of San Cristóbal, you will have to do it by boat, since most of the island has its restricted access to preserve this unique ecosystem.

Playa Oliviana Punta Pitt San Cristobal Islas Galápagos

Playa de Oliviana - Punta Pitt

Punta Carola

It is located next to Puerto Baquerizo, and is one of the busiest beaches. In season the waves are magnificent:

Playa Punta Carola - San Cristobal

El Manglecito

Calm perfect beach to begin in the snorkeling, and enjoy on the beach surrounded by sea lions.

You will find abundant vegetation in the surroundings, very grateful in days of intense heat.

Playa El Manglecito - San Cristobal

Puerto Grande

Puerto Grande is a beach with a lot of history. Between the XV and XVII centuries, the beach was a popular stop for fishermen and corsairs who came to deposit their treasures. According to the legend, on this beach are hidden many treasures that have not been found.

It is the closest beach to the sleeping Lion, so it is a perfect place for a well-deserved rest after the tour. While you lie on the white sand beach and crystal clear waters, you can enjoy the countless species of migratory birds and endemic species that have chosen Puerto Grande to settle in their mating season.

Playa Puerto Grande

Puerto Chino

Although it is not so close, it is totally worth visiting and enjoying a relaxing day on this beach. To get there you have to agree on a round trip with a taxi and walk about 15 minutes until you reach it.

Playa Puerto Chino- San Cristobal

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