//Top Isabela Island Beaches by Galapagos Low Cost

Top Isabela Island Beaches by Galapagos Low Cost

Discover the best beaches of Isabela

Isabela stands out for the unique ecosystem of the interior of the island, in which giant tortoises have found an ideal habitat, and in which are a great variety of endemic plant species of the islands. It also highlights its rocky coast, in which birds such as the Blue-footed Booby and the frigate, as well as marine iguanas and numerous aquatic species develop much of their daily routine.

But on this island there is also space for white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. From Galapagos Low Cost, we recommend visiting the following beaches:

Urbina Bay

Access to the beach must be done from a boat. The sand on the beach has a basaltic color originated from the remains of volcanic lava. From there we will find a path of 3km where we will find substrates of sand, pumice stone, lava, corals and plant formations in an area of ​​the coast that suffered an upheaval, as well as burrows of land iguanas. and a large number of Darwin’s finches.

Bahía Urbina – Isabela

Playa del Amor

This beautiful beach of rock and stones, special to cool off after visiting the Wall of Tears. It also has been chosen by marine iguanas as a nesting place.

La Playita

Throughout the whole archipielago  those kind ot beaches spreads everywhere.

Fine sand beach where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest after visiting the wetlands. There is a roofed space in this beach of Galápagos where you can relax in the shade, ideal to have a good day of picnic.

La Playita – Isabela

If you want to know more about Isabela, check our post on the island, where we tell you everything. If you already have everything ready, check the weather that you will do during your visit.

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