Tintoreras half day tour

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Departure time: In the morning at 8am and in the afternoon at 14h00

  • Departure point: Villamil Port (Isabela Island)

  • Snorkeling & Trekking tour

Tintoreras Half day tour description

Tintoreras is a half day tour that gets its name because of the Tintoreras Sharks (originally from Galapagos) that you’ll be able to see during the trip. We’ll start from Villamil Port in Isabela Island and navigate for around 10 minutes towards an islet called Tintoreras, where there is a volcanic crack that has formed some lava canals where the tintoreras sharks like to rest. Its their favorite place to gather togheter, so you’ll see a lot of sharks. Along the lava canals, in the land there are also some iguanas and endemic birds.

Trekking at Tintoreras Tour Galapagos

After landing on the islet, we’ll do a 30 minute walkt around the volcanic round. The solidified lava gives us a unique landscape that’ll make you feel out of this world. Along the walk we’ll see some sharks, iguanas, birds and sea lions.

Snorkeling at Tintoreras Tour Galapagos

After the trekking around the islet, we’ll get to a great spot for snorkeling. For about an hour you’ll swim in clear waters along sea lions, turtles, rays and a huge variety of colorful fishes.

Then, we’ll do some “pangaray” around tintoreras islet, which means we’ll navigate around the island looking for some birds, penguins, blue footed boobies and sea lions and then return to the Villamil Port to finish the tour.


Price & Payment Method

  • Paypal (10% extra charge)

  • Bank Transfer

  • Azimo  (free of charges. EU countries)

  • TransferWise  ($15 charge)

  • Credit Card (7% extra charge)

  • Cash in our offices



Tintoreras tour route

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Aditional information and recommendations

  • Don’t forget to bring comfortable and sport shoes, because is not easy to walk in a volcanic field with flip flops.
  • This tour is available all year,  twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tintoreras half day tour price

The price of this tour is $50, it’s not very expensive and it’s definitely worth it.


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