Bay Tour Galapagos | Half day trip at Santa Cruz

  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Departure time: 8am and 2pm

  • Departure point: Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island)

  • Snorkeling Islote Lobería and Punta Estrada

  • 15 minute navigation

  • Highlights: Las Grietas, Canal del Amor, Canal Tiburones, Playa de los Perros

La Loberia Islet

The tour begins at Puerto Ayora where we’ll star our navigation to our first spot: La Lobería / Caamalo Islet. This is like a sea lion kindergarden and its a great place to swim and enjoy the sealife. We’ll hop off the boat and do some snorkeling around the islet. After the snorkeling session, the next stop is Playa de los Perros to see some crabs and other endemic species.

Snorkeling at Punta Estrada

Punta Estrada is another remarkable spot in the Galápagos Islandas. Its a bay with very calm clear waters where we’ll enjoy another snorkeling session to see some blue footed boobies, fregatebirds and sea lions.

Canal de tiburones and Playa de los Perros

Canal de tiburones is a sea channel, a little crack where sharks like to hang out. The view of this places is amazing. Another highlight of this spot is a lookout from where you can spot the city port and the northest part of Santa Cruz Island. Then, we’ll move on to Playa de los Perros. Its a 10 minute walk where we recommend comfrotable sportive shoes. Its a very nice walk with many things to see. Finally, at Playa de los Perros we’ll enojoy a great landscape, beach and lots of marine iguanas.

Canal del amor and Las Grietas 

El canal del amor is a channel of turquoise calmed water. A very curious and pintoresc place between volcanic rocks. There’s plenty of crabs and birds surrounding the channel and fishes and sharks swiming in this waters.

Finally the Bay Tour ends at Las Grietas, an iconic and one of the most visited places at Santa Cruz Island. Its famous because of its cristal clear waters and because its like a natural swiming pool. A great place to do some snorkeling on your own or just relax while you sea all the locals jumping from the rocks and showing its habilities and how the have no fear of heights.


Price & Payment Method

  • Paypal (10% extra charge)

  • Bank Transfer

  • Azimo  (free of charges. EU countries)

  • TransferWise  ($15 charge)

  • Credit Card (7% extra charge)

  • Cash in our offices



Bay Tour Route

Questions? Drop us a line!


Aditional information and recommendations

  • Navigation may be a little shaky, so if you tend to get sick on boats we recommend to take a pill for seasickness before the tour.
  • The boat is for a maximum of 12 people
  • Bring sportive comfortable shoes.
  • This is not a tour for kids under 2 years.
  • Tour availability: all year, everyday.


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