Seymour Island Tour

Schedule: 08:00h  – 16.30h

Car Transfer 45 min  from Puerto Ayora to Itabaca Channel.

Boat Transfer: 45 min from Itabaca Channel to Seymour Island

Lugares de visita

  • Seymour Norte.
  • Las Bachas Beach.


Live a fantastic experience snorkeling and sighting bird especies such as Blue footed boobies, fragates and much more. Buy here and book your place for the Seymour Island from Santa Cruz

Schedule: 8.00h-16.30h

Included: Boat and Car Transfer to Seymour Island from Puerto Ayora, National Park authorised guide, lunch & drinks. Snorkel is allowed in the tour.

Bring with you: Snorkel mask, snorkel shoes, camera,  go pro

In Galapagos you have the possibility to visit uninhabited islands, and North Seymour is one of the best options due to its proximity to Santa Cruz.

The tour begins in Puerto Ayora, where a vehicle will pick you up to depart for the Itabaca Canal. There you will take a boat that in 45 minutes will take you to this wonderful island located north of Santa Cruz.

A guide that will accompany you throughout the tour and will tell you all the particularities of this place, as well as everything you want to know about the species endemic to the island and its history.

On the way to Seymour Island, the boat will make a stop in the middle of the ocean, in a particularly unique place, due to the amount of marine species that clump in the area. You can take advantage to snorkel, and appreciate the wonderful seabed of this area.

Once you reach the coast of North Seymour, its paradisiacal beaches will captivate you. nevertheless, it is not the only wonder of this island. This toru will allow you to take a 2 hour hike through the interior of the island, so that you know its particular vegetation, and the reason why it is one of the favorite places for birds in the archipelago.

Seymour Norte is an island that emerged as a result of various volcanic eruptions. The volcanic sediments that formed the island, have given rise to an abrupt terrain, so wear comfortable shoes with a thick sole to make the comfortable journey, and reserve the flip flops for the beach. Its abrupt surface is the reason why iguanas and birds inhabit the island, since it has prevented other species that can pose a threat to visit it.

If you are a bird lover, do not doubt that North Seymour is the tour that you should choose. This island is the best place to see the various endemic species of the islands, such as blue-footed boobies and frigates. During the tour you will see a large number of specimens, and in the case of the pikemen, you can enjoy them very closely, since they are birds that have no shame in front of the human being

Playa Las Bachas

After the walk around the island, we will return to the boat, and after a journey of approximately one hour, we will arrive at Playa las Bachas, already in Santa Cruz, where we will enjoy a well-deserved rest. Without a doubt this beach is an ideal place for it. Its fine sand and crystal clear water will put a perfect end to this tour, which will undoubtedly cost you forget.

¿Por qué contratar el tour online?

Queremos que tu viaje a Galápagos sea una experiencia única. La visita a Isla Seymour se puede realizar únicamente con la compañía de un guía naturista oficial del Parque Nacional de Galápagos. Reservar el tour online evita preocupaciones sobre la disponibilidad del tour, y el precio en las oficinas locales es el mismo.

Visitar Isla Seymour es una experiencia que no puedes dejar pasar durante tu estancia en Santa Cruz.


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